1. October 2013 Newsletter

    It has been quite a full gallop toward fall! It was a summer full of fun classes and fall continues with great classes. It’s all getting turned up a notch as I include teleseminars and webinars and all sorts of fun ways to learn. And, new types of classes too!...
  2. Rescue is not a Breed

    RESCUE IS NOT A BREED An opportunity to shift our emotions around “Rescue” with my free 3 part EFT Teleseminar One thing I know we share is a great LOVE of animals.  And we feel passionate about their wellbeing.  If you’re like me, you’re always trying to find a way...
  3. Pam Parker’s CWALU Testimonial

    I’m truly grateful for the wonderful people that come through the doors to study with me.  I am also grateful for the teachings I get from my students.  Today, I had the pleasure of walking dogs with Pam Parker, dog trainer and animal communicator.  She is a graduate of my...
  4. Joan Ranquet Featured in The Hollywood Reporter

    Pet psychics, or communicators, can specialize in “pet whispering” (i.e., changing behavior) or can bridge the divide between an owner and a dead pet. Joan Ranquet, a former Laguna Hills resident who lives in Seattle but travels to L.A. frequently, primarily does behavioral work. Read the full article here.

“This year in the Tapping World Summit”

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