1. Elevated Existence: How to Communicate with Our Pets

    Elevated Existence continues to have great speakers……and rumor has it, my call will replay around the holidays. I have an amazing special offer for my upcoming 6 week Animal Communication Teleseminar. You can sign up here:  Check out this month’s Elevated Existence and an article featuring my teleseminar with Tammy...
  2. December 2013 Newsletter

    Every time I walk through the door after a long trip and look at all of my animals that are so happy to see me, I feel I have a standing date with gratitude! My heart is full. This is a season of taking stock of how much joy and...
  3. October 2013 Newsletter

    It has been quite a full gallop toward fall! It was a summer full of fun classes and fall continues with great classes. It’s all getting turned up a notch as I include teleseminars and webinars and all sorts of fun ways to learn. And, new types of classes too!...

“This year in the Tapping World Summit”

I am interviewed about Tapping with animals - as a bonus call. Get signed up for the Tapping World Summit now!!
2014 Tapping World Summit

Animal Communication 101 eBook Now Available!


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